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POSTED Dec, 2021 dot IN Testing

Thundra Foresight’s CircleCI Plugin for Seamless Test Monitoring and Debugging

Oguzhan Ozdemir

Written by Oguzhan Ozdemir

Solutions Engineer @Thundra


Today we are announcing the CircleCI Orb for Thundra Foresight and the integration between two products.

Thundra Foresight is a test monitoring tool that gives the ability to watch your tests closely. You can learn more about it at https://www.thundra.io/foresight.

If you're new to the CI/CD world, you can think of an orb as a reusable workflow that can be used with a single line of configuration. A lot of products use this capability to give their users ease of integration in their CI runs.

For Thundra Foresight, giving this option to our users was a must.

With Foresight’s CircleCI orb, you can use Foresight for your Maven and Gradle builds in CircleCI with just a single line of code change.

Support for runtimes other than Java and test frameworks other than Maven and Gradle will soon be available for CircleCI users.

The detailed documentation can be found both on Thundra’s documentation and on the CircleCI marketplace.


Please note that the rest of the article has a prerequisite for having CircleCI and Thundra accounts. You can sign up for CircleCI and Thundra from the inline links.

Assuming you have accounts both at Thundra and CircleCI, we can simply jump into the example. If not, you can go to the respective websites and create your accounts.

Before we go any further, we need an API key and a Project id from Thundra and add them to our project's environment variables on CircleCI. You can find more about environment variables and why we are using them here.

To use the Thundra Foresight as an orb, you can simply import it to your workflow configuration as below.

  thundra: thundra-io/thundra-foresight@1.1.1

Once this is set, we can use this for both Maven and Gradle builds in our steps.

An example for Gradle build is shown below. To get more about other usages and documentation, please visit the Orb's page on CircleCI or visit Thundra's documentation.

version: '2.1'
  thundra: thundra-io/thundra-foresight@1.1.1
      - image: 'cimg/openjdk:11.0'
      - checkout
      - thundra/gradle:
          apikey: THUNDRA_APIKEY
          project_id: THUNDRA_AGENT_TEST_PROJECT_ID
      - run:
          command: ./gradlew build --init-script $THUNDRA_GRADLE_INIT_SCRIPT_PATH
      - gradle

Summing Up

We tailor-built Foresight work flawlessly with CircleCI to offer you the best seamless monitoring/debugging experience.

You can integrate your CircleCI pipeline workflows with Foresight to monitor the test runs of your Java projects with JUnit, Selenium, Cucumber tests.

You can get started with the documentation available here.

Thundra Foresight is constantly expanding to meet developers' needs and we are quite excited to be integrated with CircleCI. We are hoping to expand the functionality of the Orb to cover more runtimes and testing frameworks.

If you have any questions or issues with Foresight’s CircleCI integration, please join our Community Slack Channel, and let’s chat about it.

Lastly; if you still haven't stepped into the Thundra's world, start your journey here.