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Recap: ServerlessDays Istanbul

Pırıl Engin

Written by Pırıl Engin

Digital Marketing Manager @Thundra


On a cool 3rd of October, some of the greatest personalities in the field of Serverless descended upon the Bosphorus for the first-ever ServerlesssDays Istanbul. With an attendance of over 200 serverless enthusiasts, the jubilant event was successful in spreading pioneering knowledge in cloud computing across all major vendors. 

At 8:30 sharp the event kicked off with breakfast embellished with Turkish bread and tea, complemented with an assortment of cheeses from the region. Emrah Samdan, the VP of Products for Thundra and also one of the organizers of the event, spent his breakfast answering to the curiosity of the foreign speakers of exactly it was that they were having for breakfast. 


Finally, at 9:00 Emrah joined the other organizers to give the opening remarks of the event and thanked the sponsors who made the event possible. Thundra.io was honored to be the Gold Sponsor of the event, joined by AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud. Silver sponsors included image4.io, Getir, and Cloudflare. The event also was aided by community sponsors Serverless Turkey, AWS User Group Turkey, DevOps Turkey, Software Craftsmanship Turkey and Devnot


After opening statements, Danilo Poccia, the Technical Evangelist of AWS,  took the stage as the first speaker of the event enthralling the audience with his talk on event-driven concepts of serverless. Following him was a line of equally passionate speakers such as developer advocate from Google Mete Atamel, and Sarjeel Yusuf, product manager from Atlassian. 


With all the information filling the room, with speaker after speaker imparting serverless wisdom, coffee breaks were abundant allowing well-deserved hiatuses. Just like every other event, networking was a big part of ServerlessDays Istanbul. Especially considering the stalls that filled the halls of the venue. 

Kas Perch from Cloudflare with her talk “Breaking out of the Serverless Container with V8” was the last talk of the morning session before everyone dispersed for lunch. The menu included tuna sandwiches and Mediterranean salads reflecting the cuisine of the city sitting on the river. 


Lunch ended at 13:30 and the audience reassembled in the presentation room. Daron Yondem from Microsoft continued the presentations with his talk on best practices after setting up your serverless environment in Microsoft Azure. 

Following Daron was the famous Eric Johnson from AWS highlighting the importance of asynchronous architectures when building serverless applications. His presentation displayed the insightful and comedic style of presenting, characteristics that Eric is famous for. As a result, Eric did not only manage to educate the audience but keep them entertained and attentive througout his entire presentation. 


The talks continued well into the evening, with the last talk being delivered by Slobodan Stojanovic where he surprisingly drew similarities between serverless and art. The talk left the audience with the awestruck of how serverless evolved to where it is now, how various people took the basic concepts of serverless and built some amazing things, and how serverless in general could never be contained within one style or genre. Much like the art culture which Slabodan build analogies on. 

Finally, as the sunset over the Bosphorous, the serverless community has to say goodbye to Serverless Jeff as the organizers gave the closing remarks. 


That, however, was not the end of the event for the speakers as they were taken for a traditional night of Raki as the speakers' dinner. The speakers; dinner was filled with conversations about friends, family, and life back home. A nice break from the technical discussions that the speakers are usually used to having. 

At the end of it all, over 200 serverless left with more knowledge on how to build the next generation of cloud applications, and the speakers left with an experience that only the historic city of Istanbul could provide.

Thundra.io is proud to have been a gold sponsor for such a defining event, and we expect ServerlessDays to be back next year in the city with an even larger welcome. Till then, go serverless

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