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POSTED Jan, 2020 dot IN Observability

Thundra Closes $4M Series A Funding: A note from the CEO

Ken Cheney

Written by Ken Cheney

Ex-CEO @Thundra



Thundra stepped into a new phase today, announcing Series A funding lead by Battery Ventures, new product capabilities, and my addition to the team. The appeal of Thundra for me is directly tied to the incredibly talented and dedicated people on the team and the work they are doing. This is a team purpose-built with the expertise required to address the new set of challenges enterprises face as they adopt modern microservice applications. 

With the announcement today of the industry’s first comprehensive Application Observability and Security Platform™, the focus here at Thundra is on helping application teams “run fast safely”. Thundra is leading a new generation of tools that brings together debugging, observability, and security and compliance software to improve productivity and efficiency.

While viewed as risky by many enterprises until recently, the combined benefits of cloud computing, serverless computing, and microservices are providing early adopters competitive advantage and improved productivity. I predict 2020 will see a shift in enterprise adoption from non-core to core applications as this new way accelerates the speed of software delivery, a capability directly correlated with top-line revenue and market share growth. A recent case study I recommend reading that reinforces this shift is Arcelik, a home appliances company managing tens of thousands of IoT devices globally. 

This year I also predict interest in extending legacy applications to include microservices and serverless will become serious, including applications composed of a mix of stateless and stateful services. Many of the recent improvements by AWS such as RDS Proxy opens up the opportunity to extend legacy applications. 

Along with product capabilities, in 2020 Thundra will continue to invest in enabling application teams with proven best practices for success. For instance, how to avoid significant and costly rework by ensuring applications are well architected from the start. This includes how to use Thundra (free tier available) to instrument applications and ensure best practices are followed. Expect to see Thundra at many meetups, events, and workshops in the coming year.

For me, a big part of celebrating achieving a goal is celebrating how it was accomplished. The success of Thundra depends on the team we build and how we help our customers be wildly successful. We’re hiring people who really care about the how. Current openings include software engineers, developer evangelists, and inside salespeople. The company values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.