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Thundra achieves the AWS Lambda Ready designation of the AWS Service Ready Program

Apr 28, 2020

Thundra achieves the AWS Lambda Ready Designation that is part of the AWS Service Ready Program

We are proud to announce that Thundra has achieved the AWS Lambda Ready designation, which is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Ready Program. We are excited to be a launch partner for this designation with our continuous support and dedication to make life easier for AWS Lambda users. 

This designation recognizes AWS Partner Network (APN) members who have a generally available product that integrates with AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda Ready Partners are selected carefully according to their demonstrated success in building products integrated with AWS Lambda, helping AWS customers take advantage of technology efficiently and at scale with confidence. 

Thundra is dedicated to helping application teams enhance observability, security, and debugging capabilities with AWS Lambda and serverless technologies in general. Thundra’s vision is to let companies move quickly and safely with serverless, helping them build trust in operating serverless applications with performance and security insights powered by distributed tracing and AI-driven data intelligence. 

We’re obsessed with boosting developer productivity by providing debugging tools that let developers debug their applications quickly, whether in real-time or post-execution. Thundra already has the capability to replace multiple tools that organizations typically use, providing application teams with insights, recommendations, and actions to efficiently identify issues and opportunities for improvements, troubleshooting and debugging, enforcing application security and compliance, and maintaining availability, performance, and cost SLAs.

We’re excited to continue working with AWS to deliver new functionalities that will enable application teams to deliver products and services on AWS Lambda technology. Our technology will continue supporting developers to gather critical insights, recommendations, and improvements for faster, healthier, and more reliable services. 

Read more details by checking out the press release announcing this new update:

Thundra Team