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POSTED Oct, 2019 dot IN News

Thundra Achieves the AWS DevOps Competency Status

Ismail Egilmez

Written by Ismail Egilmez

Business Development Manager @Thundra

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Today, we are very proud to announce that Thundra achieved the AWS DevOps Competency status. The AWS Partner DevOps Competency Program has qualified Thundra integrate with and extend AWS services and management APIs to meet customers' needs.


What is AWS DevOps Competency Program?

AWS is a habitat for solutions from a scale of fresh start-ups to international enterprises that are able to integrate with AWS services and provide AWS customers value. This additional value can be such as improving the AWS customer’s ability to gain insight, trend, and alert on operational or development metrics, logs, or application performance.

The main goal of the program is to recognize AWS partners who help AWS customers define and implement their business transformation journey leveraging the best in class DevOps technology and services required based on their business and technical needs. 

About Thundra

Thundra provides deep insight into the AWS Lambda and its environment from the bird’s eye view to the tiniest detail with quick setup and effortless instrumentation. By distributed and local tracing combined, it's very easy to discover the bottlenecks and track errors in complex serverless applications.

Thundra offers full observability by aggregating logs, metrics, and traces. It helps customers discover bottlenecks in serverless applications and take rapid actions when unexpected situations occur.

Thundra helps to reduce MTTR and time to troubleshoot and increase the overall health of the serverless applications.

What is the Benefit for Customers?

AWS DevOps Competency has qualified Thundra integrate with and extend AWS services and management APIs to meet customers' needs. Thundra differentiates on the Monitoring, Logging, and Performance categories as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that provides demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer support.

With Thundra, customers gain real-time deep visibility into their serverless applications. Thundra automatically discovers the serverless environment and creates visual displays of them to enable customers to detect bottlenecks fast and easily. Integrating with a lot of AWS services and third-party APIs enables AWS customers to troubleshoot their serverless applications fast, easy and cost-effectively. 


You can find Thundra on AWS Marketplace and more information on our website and the demo environment. Don’t forget that you can play around Thundra using our free tier!