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NOW AVAILABLE: Thundra Supports the Architecture View to Help Serverless Developers Detect Errors Visually

Pırıl Engin

Written by Pırıl Engin

Digital Marketing Manager @Thundra

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We are thrilled to announce support for the Architecture view. Now, with Thundra’s latest feature release, serverless developers can easily spot errors visually and troubleshoot faster.

Serverless computing is becoming very popular as it has many advantages including the cost saving, high scalability, and improved agility. Thus, developers constantly improve and optimize their architectures for many reasons. At this point, looking into your serverless architecture is crucial to pinpoint errors quickly especially visually because a visual presentation will not only help to understand the whole picture but also to understand the root cause of an error or a performance bottleneck.

Thundra’s support for Architecture view aims to ease developers job by helping them to:

  • Discover errors at a glance,

  • Be aware of delays between their applications and services

  • Quickly identify the root cause of an error and have a closer look

  • Track the changes in the architecture over time

  • Save the architecture for future usage.

Currently, we support the architecture view for Java, Node.js, and Python runtimes but this is just a beginning! We will be adding more on it in the near future.

Read more for details by checking out our blog announcing this new update:

Don’t forget to try it in our demo environment. Thundra is free to use and set up takes only a few minutes.  Get your account and start using Thundra today.