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POSTED Feb, 2019 dot IN Serverless

NOW AVAILABLE: Thundra releases new User Interface for the Thundra Web Application

Christina Wong

Written by Christina Wong

Ex-VP of Marketing @Thundra

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We are happy to announce that we have just released a major update to the Thundra Web Application with a focus on boosting developer productivity while building AWS Lambda environments.  Now, with Thundra's latest release, developers can more quickly pinpoint problems or errors with their AWS Lambda functions and immediately take action to fix them.

Many AWS Lambda developers spend more time than necessary searching for the source of their errors or cause of their long-running functions.  Because developers do not have direct access to servers in AWS Lambda, it can be challenging to truly understand where the problems originate from. 

Thundra's new UI aims at addressing these challenges with improvements directly garnered from user feedback, market research, and customer requests.  Improvements include the ability to:

  • Perform quick real-time evaluations for performance issues or errors while in development.

  • Immediately understand whether errors are caused by the AWS Lambda function or a system resource
  • Quickly determine whether long-duration functions are due to cold starts or bottlenecked services
  • Use post-mortem analysis to identify which indicators to track moving forward to prevent further performance problems.

Try it out and read more by checking out our blog announcing this new update: https://blog.thundra.io/identify-jobs-to-be-done-with-thundras-new-ui

You can also take a guided test drive of this new UI in our live demo environment: https://demo.thundra.io/

Thundra is free to use and set up takes only a few minutes.  Get your account and start using Thundra today.