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As a key player of serverless observability, Thundra has many features helping software teams to monitor, debug and troubleshoot serverless applications. With Thundra, developers both have high-level architecture visibility over serverless architectures and extremely detailed tracing in serverless applications. On the other hand, logs have always been the most natural way of understanding system behavior and it’s still widely used in serverless applications as well. However, digging logs to understand a problem is like searching a needle in the haystack due to the massive amount of logs created by serverless applications. Today, we’re glad to announce “Log Search” to address the problems related to searching logs for serverless applications.

With this feature, you will be able to search your logs flexibly according to the following attributes:

  • Log Level: Some logs can be more critical or more mediocre compared to others. For example; console.error() and console.log() represents different level of severity. You can also give your own log level with Thundra loggers. You can filter the logs according to their log level.
  • Log Message: You can make a wild card search in the logs using wild cards or exact words. For example; you can type *undr* and this filter can bring you the logs which contain Thundra and hundreds.
  • Log Context: You can use the standard output or any logger of Thundra or custom logger. You can filter the logs according to their source with this field.  

After you found the log you search for, you can jump to Thundra’s detailed local and distributed tracing by navigating to invocation in which the log is printed.

Read more details from our blog to announce this feature.

Don’t forget to try it in our demo environment. Thundra is free to use and set up takes only a few minutes.  Get your account and start using Thundra today.  We want to listen to your serverless observability challenges. We’re giving away Yan Cui’s “Production-Ready Serverless” to those who share their story with us.