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PRESS RELEASE: Leading Analyst Firm Names Thundra as Top Solution in Enterprise Serverless Computing

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Boston-based, serverless observability start-up company, Thundra, also names new CEO, Serkan Özal, and expands engineering team.

BOSTON, MA (February 4, 2019)--Thundra, the observability company for serverless environments, today announced that analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), has named Thundra as top vendor in its “EMA Top 3 Decision Guide for Serverless Technologies: Addressing 10 Critical Enterprise Pain Points.” The rapidly growing start-up also announced that it is expanding the team and promoting CTO and Founder, Serkan Özal, to CEO, taking over for outgoing CEO, Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu..

Based on end-user research, market analysis, technical product reviews, and expert interviews, EMA provides guidance on which serverless technologies address critical pain points, resulting in as much as 50% improved developer productivity and 50% decreased IT operations costs.  Thundra was recognized for addressing key pain points of complexity reduction, cost control, SLA compliance, developer efficiency, and rapid deployment specifically with regards to application-center health, cost, and performance management.

“Building applications from microservices consisting of serverless functions automatically leads to a complex web of interdependencies where neither developers nor operators are able to ensure cost efficiency, performance, compliance or availability,” says Torsten Volk, managing research director of Enterprise Management Associates.  

“Thundra keeps track of your serverless stack, including all internal and external application dependencies, by providing developers and DevOps teams with an invocation-centric view that allows them to uncover very detailed information about their functions and any integrated resources such as SQS, DynamoDB, and more. This perspective is critical for anyone who wants to stay on top of their microservices applications, discover bottlenecks in a serverless application, and see the effect of a proposed solution within minutes.”

Launched in 2018, Thundra has attracted increasing attention for its straightforward monitoring capabilities.  Now, Thundra is rapidly expanding its team and has named CTO and Thundra founder, Serkan Özal as Thundra’s new CEO  Former Thundra CEO, Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu, will remain chairman of Thundra’s board of directors and, as part of the 2018 Atlassian acquisition agreement, has transitioned to running Opsgenie Atlassian full-time.

“Under Serkan’s vision and leadership, Thundra hit the market last year at a critical time in serverless adoption,” said Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu, chairman of Thundra’s board of directors, “Organizations are implementing serverless as part of their key infrastructure, but the path to do so remains uncertain. Thundra sheds light into the serverless environment, making it crystal clear where developers need to focus their problem-solving efforts.  I look forward to Thundra and Serkan’s continued success as more organizations integrate observability into their serverless strategies.”

Key highlights of Thundra identified by EMA include:

  • Automated trace charts, showing granular performance metrics at the code statement level and interactions with external services.

  • Automated dependency analytics, showing end-to-end tracing for the entire invocation, including full insights into integration with external systems.

  • Unified and aggregated logs, which centralize all logs belonging to a specific microservice and all logs associated with a particular invocation-centric operation.

  • Rapid setup through AWS Lambda Layers, which allows Thundra’s observability capabilities to be quickly added to AWS Lambda functions.

EMA’s report provides guidance to enterprise influencers and decision makers on how to apply serverless technologies to address critical pain points. It also awards recognition to the top three vendors EMA believes should be included in product evaluations.

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Thundra is a software organization dedicated to helping serverless applications become a mainstream production reality for all enterprise organizations by shedding light into black box environments. With rich visualizations of aggregated metrics, logs, and traces, software teams can quickly identify and solve performance problems in their AWS Lambda environments with minimal to zero coding and no additional overhead. From informative at-a-glance overviews to deep-dive end-to-end invocation tracing and analysis, Thundra provides full observability, debugging, and performance monitoring for serverless development and operations teams. Learn more about how Thundra is helping organizations with their serverless challenges at www.thundra.io.


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