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POSTED Nov, 2019 dot IN Serverless

Thundra simplifies and streamlines the procurement process by Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace

Ismail Egilmez

Written by Ismail Egilmez

Business Development Manager @Thundra

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We are glad to announce that Thundra is eligible to make its procurement process even easier and simpler by Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace. Thundra took its place on AWS Marketplace in September 2019 and after a short time, it’s able to accelerate the contract negotiations with the help of Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace.

What is Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace?

In 2018, AWS Marketplace has announced: “Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace” that enables its enterprise customers to procure software easily and swiftly. Software sellers on AWS Marketplace agree to offer their products under using a standardized contract template which include commonly negotiated clauses like liability, venue, IP protection, data handling, warranty, indemnity, GDPR, etc. Here is a quotation from the Enterprise Contract Pragram page: “Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace is designed to be a comprehensive end user license agreement between software buyers and sellers that governs usage of the software and sets terms with respect to the obligations and responsibilities of each party.”


What is the Benefit for Customers?

AWS Marketplace Enterprise Contract Program eliminates long legal discussions which eventually means saving time and money. The list of the participating Sellers is public. Any AWS customer enrolled as a Buyer can reach out to the participating Sellers and gain a significant improvement in the procurement time.

Enterprise customers have the ease of semi-automating the buying process with this program. They have an option to modify and make amendments to the standardized contract template as well. Rather than spending weeks or months on the legal negotiations customer will see the value of Thundra quicker. 

With Thundra, customers can have real-time granular monitoring into their serverless applications. Customers can discover bottlenecks in their serverless applications and take rapid actions on incidents. Thundra helps to reduce the MTTR and increase the overall health of the serverless applications. 

You can find Thundra on AWS Marketplace and more information on our website and the demo environment. Don’t forget that you can play around Thundra using our free tier!