Boston-based, serverless observability start-up company, Thundra, also names new CEO, Serkan Özal, and expands engineering team.

BOSTON, MA (February 4, 2019)--Thundra, the observability company for serverless environments, today announced that analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), has named Thundra as top vendor in its “EMA Top 3 Decision Guide for Serverless Technologies: Addressing 10 Critical Enterprise Pain Points.” The rapidly growing start-up also announced that it is expanding the team and promoting CTO and Founder, Serkan Özal, to CEO, taking over for outgoing CEO, Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu..



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Newly launched startup spins out of Atlassian-acquired, incident-management company OpsGenie and achieves Advanced Technology Partner status with AWS.

BOSTON, MA (November 29, 2018)--Thundra, the newly launched observability company for serverless environments, today announced the release Thundra Layers for AWS Lambda. The company also announced it has achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN).





We are excited to announce that Thundra now supports integration with our new partner, Honeycomb!

Honeycomb and Thundra are a natural fit for partnership as both of our organizations are focused on observability.  Thundra provides full visibility to AWS Lambda serverless environments and has the ability to extract valuable, detailed information about how your application is performance. Honeycomb excels providing the tools and capabilities for you to deeply query and manipulate their data and traces, allowing you to gain insight into critical issues in real time.  

With serverless applications becoming more and more popular, users are looking for ways to analyze their serverless data in their favorite platforms, alongside their other enterprise data. When serverless data such as Thundra's is queried using a powerful platform like Honeycomb, you are able to additionally combine serverless with other datasets and set up dashboards for the whole stack of services in your use case.  Want to learn more about common challenges observing serverless environments?  Register for our webinar to join a discussion with Thundra and Honeycomb!

Using Thundra’s Honeycomb integration, the serverless community will now be able to visualize data generated by Thundra in their Honeycomb deployment, including:

  • Perform real-time serverless problem solving. Use Honeycomb's powerful visualization and analytics platform to quickly identify critical issues, query large volumes of data, and dive into Thundra's metrics, logs, and traces.
  • Understand details of your invocations paths from end-to-end.  Analyze Thundra’s detailed trace data with Honeycomb Tracing to understand the full end-to-end request and response paths of your invocations, including all the separate services they interact with.
  • Query large amounts of serverless data to quickly identify top improvement areas. Ask questions and obtain answers quickly with Thundra’s detailed observability data combined with Honeycomb’s powerful query capabilities.

Learn more about our integration!  Visit our Honeycomb integration web page or read about the integration on our technical blog.

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We are excited to announce that Thundra is now generally available to the public!

Built for straightforward observability, monitoring, and debugging, Thundra provides deep insight into your entire serverless environment. Thundra collects and aggregates logs, traces, and metrics more broadly and in more depth than what AWS natively provides, allowing you to:

  • Maximize developer productivity. With Thundra, developers can quickly add detailed monitoring to their serverless environment without any code changes to rapidly pinpoint which parts of their application are throwing errors, experiencing cold starts, or taking too long to execute.
  • Lower costs and resource consumption.  Thundra gives operations a way to understand resource consumption at-a-glance and identify critical areas to focus on - whether it be within the Lambda environment itself or a bottleneck with an external service.
  • Optimize serverless systems alongside your other systems, on-premise or in the cloud. Thundra allows you to analyze the external resources your serverless application interacts with, alongside all your other organization’s data within the visualization platform of your choice.

Read a message about why we built Thundra and what's new from our Founder, Serkan Özal. 

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