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Meet Thundra Foresight: Your CI Observability Tool!

Serkan Özal

Written by Serkan Özal

Founder and CTO of Thundra


Over the past three years, we have served thousands of developers with our two major products, Thundra APM and Thundra Sidekick – and it still feels like we’re just getting started. We would like to thank all of our users and supporters who gave us the strength to build our one-of-a-kind products. And we are very excited to announce our latest innovation: Thundra Foresight!  (You can read more on the press release!)

Three years ago, we started Thundra to rethink observability in a high-tech world in which we don’t own and manage the infrastructure where our applications run. With the technology we’ve developed and the experience gained along the way, we wanted to address the biggest challenge we encountered in the software development life cycle. Let's take a sneak peek at Thundra Foresight to learn more about its offerings before continuing our story.

What Is Foresight?

Foresight is the first automated observability platform for continuous integration pipelines, allowing developers to easily and securely add traces to CI environments in real-time and on-demand. By being able to gather data from the app in real-time, developers and QA engineers gain 100% code-level observability and faster resolution of test failures. Foresight, therefore, replaces the iterative, non-agile process required today for debugging failed builds in CI pipelines. Foresight is platform-agnostic, working on the cloud, on containers, and on your premises. The first version of Foresight works for Java runtime.

The Difficulty of CI Failures

As developers who have seen the old age of monoliths and who have experience creating modern cloud applications, we have always had the need to “watch” our application behavior in development, staging, and of course, production environment.

Today, end-users use your software applications just like Formula One drivers. Your racecar has to be fast, agile, and reliable – any defect will result in terrible consequences. The key to success is not only creating a great racecar and testing every possible scenario to know how to respond but making it as fast as possible in order to defeat your competitors.

Similar to Formula One, in SDLC, testing can become a bottleneck in the CI process if you don’t treat it right. There are many different ways this can happen, from builds failing after hours of runtime or unknown reasons for test failures to an inability to trace test failures in a distributed system. These difficulties cause significant delays in shipping new features in production and buggy code could be shipped in production without developers even noticing. And that’s not even mentioning the end result of an unhappy legion of developers and ever-increasing CI costs.

Suffice to say, we have met countless developers in various organizations who struggle to have visibility during their CI processes.

Our Visibility Solution for CI Pipelines: Thundra Foresight

Considering the importance of CI in the development cycle, gaining observability and visibility into the CI pipeline/process is becoming critical to achieving success. Using our experience to build simple and effective tools for developers, we started working to enable them to solve issues in pre-production before end-users would be affected by production failures.

Foresight introduces a revolutionary way to view, understand, and manage your CI process by instrumenting the CI process to provide unmatched visibility into the build process. Foresight applies all modern observability techniques with its combination and utilization of metrics, logs, and traces, as well as including live debugging capabilities. This provides all the information necessary to troubleshoot problems and optimize the process in a single tool.

How It Works

  • Integrate Foresight with your CI pipeline
  • See your test run results in Foresight when your CI pipeline is triggered
  • Debug your tests at the code level by using distributed traces
  • Optimize the performance of your builds

You can easily integrate your CI pipeline with Foresight by just adding a few lines of code in your configuration YAML file. We’ve built a plugin for GitHub Actions that makes your life even easier.

Every single test run is captured and every error is contextualized in the Foresight dashboard. You can easily see your test results displayed in terms of success, failure, and abortion. When you select a test run, you can gain visibility at the test suite level.

Foresight selectively captures a snapshot of your entire system across multiple external services to let you understand its exact behavior. You can see at a glance the status of every test run for test suites and for individual tests. Debugging is made easier when you're just a single click away from being able to view the distributed trace chart of your microservices application. Foresight helps you detect the root cause of a test failure, whether it’s your code or a dependency.

Foresight enables you to see the duration of your tests and helps you to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and spot long-running outliers. This allows you to identify trends and optimize the performance of your tests.

Looking Forward

We are excited to be a part of your SDLC with Foresight. We hope you will benefit from the visibility that Foresight provides into your continuous integration workflows and help you optimize your builds.

Our existing Thundra APM and Thundra Sidekick users can continue using their accounts and use their credentials to start using Foresight right away.

Foresight is FREE for Open-Source Projects!

We have integrated Foresight with some well-known open-source projects to let you it in action. If you have open-source projects, please feel free to use Foresight without any cost!

If you have yet to take your first step into the world of Thundra, you can begin your journey here.

You can find our documentation to help you get started.

Meet us at AWS re: Invent

Meet us and learn a better way to troubleshoot your build failures. You deserve better than log dumps! We’ll demonstrate Foresight’s unique observability capabilities for your CI environments. We hope to see you there!