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POSTED Dec, 2021 dot IN Testing

Meet Thundra Foresight V2: Your CI Pipeline & Test Observability Tool!

Serkan Özal

Written by Serkan Özal

Founder and CTO of Thundra


As continuous integration (CI) becomes the standard practice for software development life cycles, observability into CI pipelines is evolving into an indispensable step to monitor modern applications.

With its products, Thundra provides critical visibility into your organization’s CI/CD workflows, both for production and pre-production. Thundra offers a wide selection of debugging tools to debug Kubernetes, serverless, and on-prem workloads, from tests to customer-facing applications.

Today, we are very excited to announce the new version of our CI monitoring product: Thundra Foresight V2! (You can read more about it in our press release.)

Meet Thundra Foresight V2

Foresight V2 makes it easy to pinpoint errors, latencies, and potential issues by enabling you to understand the performance and behavior of your CI pipelines.

You can drill into failed CI workflows and understand the root cause of failures, such as error-prone jobs and failed or flaky tests, and see the exact steps that caused the build to fail.

By having this level of visibility into your CI pipelines, you can make sure your CI workflows are faster and more reliable than before.

It’s Platform-Agnostic: No Configurations Required!

Thundra Foresight V2 is platform-agnostic! You can monitor your CI pipelines in any runtime or any framework. It doesn't need any configurations: Just authorize Foresight to your CI/CD account and voilà!

  • Monitor all of your CI workflows at the same time, all in one place
  • Visualize key performance metrics of your CI pipelines
  • Troubleshoot your workflow runs

Foresight provides comprehensive visibility into your CI pipelines by generating card views for the CI workflows of your repositories. It enables you to understand which repository’s workflows and tests are failing at a glance. By comparing the average execution time of a workflow and the latest workflow’s duration, you can detect any potential latencies immediately.

Foresight provides a high-level overview of performance across all your workflow runs. By monitoring workflow success rates and run durations, you can identify where you need to focus on to troubleshoot and debug specific workflow runs.

Foresight helps you troubleshoot your CI workflow runs by generating key performance metrics, such as which pipelines, build steps, or jobs are run; which ones fail; and how long they take to complete.

Ensure Healthy CI Pipelines, Builds, and Tests

Foresight V2 provides granular visibility into your CI workflows, builds, and test performances, which enables you to fill in the pre-production observability gap.

Using Foresight, you can make sure your tests will catch errors, latencies, and performance issues before they reach your customers. It also helps to save development time and computing costs, and increase efficiency by managing your pipelines with deep visibility.

You can easily get started by installing the Foresight application on GitHub Marketplace.

Our existing Thundra APM and Thundra Sidekick users can continue using their accounts and credentials to start using Foresight V2 right away.

You can find our documentation to help you get started. See our three-minute video that explains more about Foresight V2.

If you have yet to take your first step into the world of Thundra, you can begin your journey here.