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Gartner Named Thundra a Cool Vendor in Performance Analysis for Cloud-Native Architectures

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We are proud to announce that Thundra, application observability and security platform, has been named a Cool Vendor based on the May 18, 2020 report titled, “Cool Vendors in Performance Analysis for Cloud-Native Architectures” by Padraig Byrne, Josh Chessman, Federico De Silva, Pankaj Prasad, and Charley Rich at Gartner, Inc.

With the wider adoption of serverless technologies for cloud-native applications, the performance analysis vendors in monitoring systems respond to the new challenges born with it. These vendors offer new approaches to deliver technology performance insights into the changing cloud application architectures, and IT leaders should definitely be aware of those vendors.

The differentiation between operations and development continues to disappear in the cloud-native environments. As Operations advance moving toward closer integration with Development, performance analysis for cloud-native architectures tools are used by DevOps, site reliability engineers (SREs), and cloud infrastructure teams although developers are the drivers of the serverless and containers adoption.

It’s important to be prepared for the near future state for IT leaders responsible for infrastructure, operations, and cloud management and monitor needs of IT environments by implementing monitoring tools that are cloud-, container- and microservices-ready. IT leaders should enable visibility into developer environments by enabling or enhancing the integration of monitoring technologies early in the development cycle.

Thundra manages large-scale microservice applications across development, testing, staging, and production environments. The Thundra Application Observability and Security Platform provides the first true end-to-end visibility, anomaly detection, debugging, troubleshooting, alerting and automated actions for serverless-centric, container, as well as virtual machine workloads. Thundra is the only provider that can offer application management, security, and compliance together in a manner that pinpoints down to the line of code if there is an issue.

Enterprises are able to significantly reduce time spent managing traditionally complex microservice applications, such as those leveraging serverless functions, containers, or virtual machines using Thundra. As a result, teams are able to develop and manage applications exponentially faster without sacrificing security or compliance. 

Being obsessed with boosting developer productivity, Thundra focuses on developing valuable business features and spends less time manually implementing and monitoring tooling and debugging application problems. Enterprises lower costs and resource consumption with Thundra by understanding which areas of the application are taking up the most resources in order to maximize efficiencies and reduce overall consumption. 

Developers must have a single view for application monitoring. Teams should see how their cloud-native applications interact with external services and, with integrations, analyze their microservices alongside all their other data. Teams also should ensure the security behavior of their application. Thundra enables teams to have a single view for analyzing their microservices behavior and also to enforce policies to their applications by whitelisting and blacklisting some resources configured per function or for all organizations. 

About Thundra

Thundra is an Application Observability and Security Platform for serverless-centric, container, and virtual machine workloads. It enables enterprises to develop and manage applications exponentially faster without sacrificing security or compliance. Application teams spanning software development, DevOps, SRE, IT operations, and IT security rely on Thundra to run fast safely, troubleshooting, and debugging with improved MTTR while ensuring security and compliance policies are enforced. Thundra is committed to making the lives of enterprise IT professionals better by reducing the complexity, costs, and bottlenecks slowing teams down, leveraging Thundra’s unique technology footprint to replace numerous existing enterprise tools while improving productivity and efficiency.

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